Friday, February 17, 2017


North Catholic Soccer Alumni (NCSA) is proud to announce its tenth anniversary Hall of Fame Class.  This class, like all the rest, encompasses North's soccer lore dating back into the late 1950s.  These men will be honored on March 26th, 2017 at Ramono's Caterers at our second-to-none reception and fund raiser.  Our affair starts at 2 PM and includes open bar, full course dinner and dessert.  Our keynote speaker is Mr. Jim Curtin, Philadelphia Union's Head Coach whose career includes a Major League Soccer All-Star, All Big East player at Villanova and All-Catholic at Bishop McDevitt.  Tickets are going fast, cost is $85 and all proceeds go to support boys and girls in Catholic schools in the Philadelphia area.  Without further adieu, here are our Hall of Famers:

Mr. Robert Scharp             Class of 1960
Mr. Thomas Egan              Class of 1967
Mr. Robert O'Donnell         Class of 1975
Mr. Kevin McGettigan        Class of 1982
Mr. William Gardner          Class of 1989
Mr. Ryan Burke                  Class of 1996
Mr. John Kirchenbauer      Class of 2002
Mr. Scott Ehly                    Class of 2003

The 1966 team will also be remembered and honored. NCSA will also pay tribute to Mr. Tom Oakes for his loyal dedication to North soccer in various capacities. 

For more information and tickets please contact:
Joe Steffa  215-783-8020
Jerry Brindisi 215-906-8496

Thursday, February 9, 2017


In a few days, North Soccer Alumni will release it's 10th Class of Hall of Famers.  Upon receipt and acknowledgement, we will update the site and end the suspense.

This coincides of course with our Hall of Fame Induction, scheduled for 3/26 at Ramono's Caterers.  Tickets will go fast and are priced at $85 to include celebration, open bar, full dinner and commemorative items.

For information and tickets, please call:

Joe Steffa 215-783-8020
Jerry Brindisi 215-906-8496

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


On Sunday, March 26 North Soccer celebrates its Tenth Anniversary and inducting another phenomenal class of Falcon Booters. Our affair is again hosted by Ramono's Caterers starting at 2PM. Open bar, dinner and desert plus gifts and gear will be on hand.  We hope all those Hall of Famers can make this party.  The cost this year is $85.  Our guest speaker is Philadelphia Union's Head Coach Jim Curtin a former major league soccer star and Villanova standout.  His claim to fame however is his career at Bishop McDevitt! Please remember, our event, your event is a fund raiser with ALL proceeds going to benefit area kids to help attend Catholic high schools. For information on tickets, please contact :

Joe Steffa       215-783-8020
Jerry Brindisi  215-906-8496

 Please find below our current roster of YOUR Hall of Fame:

Class of 2016

Bob Colquhoun ‘47 
Tony Parson ‘68
Kevin Salamon '76
John Regan '78
Bob Kane '81
Joe Murtaugh '91
Pat Murphy '96
Mike Primavera '96
Dean Niedosik '03
Tom Ciolka '89-97 Coach

 Class of 2015

Marc Eckert '88 
Tim Greer Class '02   
Bill "Tigger" Kiger '80 
Ed Lowry '62  
Walt Manning '54 
Jerry McGovern '67
John Meehan '53
John Wright '96

Class of 2014
 Christopher Brunetti '03
Gene Chyzowych '54
Timothy Comey '88
Chad Donnelly '00
Michael Krecko '92
Jim O’Donnell '72
Joe Steffa '76

Class of 2013
Jerry Blaney '75
Dennis "Buff" Drumm '71
Mike Wissman '65
Jim Fallon '68
E. Michael Flanagan '67
John Friskey '79
Jim Hooven '80
Tony Rod Jr. '98
Mike Schmanek '84

Class of 2012
Matt Comey '93
Pat Farrell '71
Kevin Fulmer '77
George Griffin '66
Tom McIntyre '91
Joe Harvey '74
Bob Strohm '80
Joe Walls '60

Class of 2011
Jack Comey '86
Joseph DiSalvo '71
Paul Duddy '69
James Fallon
Lawrence Grebe '63
Ray Kelly '94
Thomas Rola '73
Joseph Reteneller '86
Michael Sullivan '78
Robert “Bugsy” Wurtenberg '81

Class of 2010
Chip Ciupak '69
Bill Crowley '67
Jerry Franklin '72
Dave McIntyre '85
Tom Oliver '52
Tim O'Neill '00
Tony Rod Sr '78
John Weick '81

Class of 2009
Rusty Bono '79
Lou Dollarton '46
Ray Lynch '38
Dennis Maguire '70
John McIntyre '91
Mat Noel '46
Mike Robinson '76
Jack Ruggero '65
Andy Rymarzcuk '69