Sunday, March 1, 2015

NORPHAN's Philanthropy Continues

<Originally posted 2/1/14>
The week of January 26th was a big week for Norphans as the organization continues its support for kids to continue their Catholic education. The few fund raisers that we operate are for the sole purpose of helping boys and girls continue their educational needs through the Archdiocese system. We created the Ed White Memorial Scholarship Fund for this exact purpose. Additionally, we selectively support other “need” organizations that support societal programs close to our hearts and minds.

Without further ado, Norphans/Ed White Memorial Scholarship Fund is extremely proud to announce its support for the following students:

Calio, Dominque St.Hubert’s
Comas, Joseph Fr. Judge
Comas, Ryan Fr. Judge
Figaniak, Julia St. Hubert’s
Finn, Brian Roman
Giamboy Matthew Roman
Knellinger, Kierstin Arch. Ryan
Mallon, Kyle Fr. Judge
Marshall, Destiny Arch. Ryan
Pons, Stephen Fr. Judge
Seedes, Andrew Fr. Judge
Zin, Anthony Fr. Judge

Working with other community support organizations with fellow Norphan supporters, our organization has contributed funds to:

Police Survivor’s Fund
Vietnam Veteran’s of Phila

We are honored and humbled at the same time to continue the work of North Catholic men and the inspiration of St. Francis DeSales.

Never Forget, Never Forgive
V + J